PostGre SQL Setup

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The official link to download the PostgreSQL ODBC drivers is here:



For your convenience, a copy of the ODBC drivers is here:


We won’t give any details about the installation of the ODBC driver because it’s straightforward. When using PostgreSQL, you have the choice between using an “ANSI” or using an “Unicode” ODBC driver: you should use the “Unicode” ODBC driver.


When using PostgreSQL, the “insert” speed is particularly slow compared to other databases (for example, despite using the “trick” given here below, PostgreSQL “insert’s” are still around 20 times slower than MS-SQL-Server “insert’s”). To get a better “insert” speed:

1.Open the configuration panel of the PostgreSQL ODBC driver inside the ODBC Manager and click on the “Datasource” button:



2.Increase the “batch size” parameter to “10000” (or higher):




3. Click the “OK” button