5.11.3. Scatter Plot (clip0243 action)

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5.11.3. Scatter Plot (clip0243 action)


Icon: ANATEL~3_img752  

Function: R_Scatter

Property window:




Short description:

Display a Scatter Plot.


Long Description:


Display a Scatter Plot of two series.


To add several series on the same plot, simply append your series vertically, and specify a “partition variable”.


Variables must be numerical, and are automatically converted as they are sent to R for plotting.


The density function allows you to visualize the most likely bivariate distributions. The CHT Color Axis include a “Color Axis”, which can either be “nominal” (left chart) or “continuous” (right chart):

ANATEL~3_img753 ANATEL~3_img754


“Include Smoothen” will display a smoothen line to illustrate the relationship between the two variables. It can either be a linear trend (correlation) or a moving average. In either case, the confidence interval is also automatically displayed. You can also add a custom function, or pre-made elasticity curve to explore the relationship between Price and Demand.



Y Axis is a count: in many situations, we want to show aggregated data (for example, to show a demand curve). This makes very few points displayed on the chart, and the “n” row information will make no sense. To keep n as the true number of rows, click this option and the plot will display the sum of Y.