5.11.16. Box Plot (clip0243 action)

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5.11.16. Box Plot (clip0243 action)


Icon: ANATEL~3_img810

Function: R_BoxPlot

Property window:




Short description:


Create a box plot.


Long Description:


Create a box plot. This chart is useful to compare bi-variate distributions in which the X axis is a nominal variable (age group, product line, eduction, etc) and the Y axis is a continuous variable (price, discount, income, etc.).


Partition Type: To analyze many groups in a single operation, you can split the data based on a partition (region, race, zone, etc.) The data needs to be sorted based on this variable. It will automatically generate k plots

Var: X Variable: Select the nominal variable to split in the horizontal axis

Var Y: Select the continuous variable to observe.

Optional Target: Select a third variable to set colors based on density

Run Mode Only: Do not display plot. This is particularly useful when working with partitions, as there is a limit to 50 plots “visible”. This option can generate hundreds or thousands of plots without filling your RAM.