5.11.11. Waterfall Plot (clip0243 action)

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5.11.11. Waterfall Plot (clip0243 action)


Icon: clip0800  

Function: Waterfall_Chart

Property window:




Short description:


Create a waterfall Plot.


Long Description:


The information used consists of two columns: category, and amount.


Typically, this chart is used to understand the cost structure of organizations, product categories or services.


The information must be SORTED on AMOUNT -> DECREASING, and it is a good idea to always do a bit of cleaning.


In the below example, we simply order the columns properly, clean the values to make sure everything is numerical, sort the data and plot the chart.




Y Title: the label of the Y Axis

X Title: the Label of the X Axis

Main title: the title of the chart

Amount Label Orientation: select how the labels are displayed in the waterfall plot

X Label Color: select the color of the labels on the X axis

Color for positive values: self explanatory

Color for negative values: self explanatory

Split Label Line: whether the labels on X include a carriage return between words, or is displayed in a single line