5.10.11. Geometry Info

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5.10.11. Geometry Info


Icon: clip1512


Function: GeometryInfo


Property window:




Short description:


Extract information from Geometries


Long Description:


The Extracted informations are:



NPoints: Number of points inside the geometry

IsValid: 0 or 1

NRings: Number of Rings:

NumGeometries: The Number of geometries inside a MULTI-geometry: For example: The number of POLYGON inside a MULTIPOLYGON geometry

SRID: see previous section 5.10.10. for more details on SRID

Dimension: 0 for POINT, 1 for LINE, 2 for POLYGON

NDims: 2 (when you have Lattitude and Longitude) or 3 (when you have Lattitude, Longitude and Elevation)

Is3D: when nDims=3

IsEmpty: 0 or 1

IsSimple: 0 or 1


If you check the “detailed info” checkbox, you also get:


Area: The area is usually expressed in m² (i.e. divide by 1.000.000 to get it in Km²). In particular, for the SRID 4326, you also directly get the area in m² (personnaly, I expected  the area in degree² for the SRID 4326 but it’s in m². Cool!).

Perimeter: The Perimeter is usually expressed in m (this is also true for the SRID 4326 !).

Centroid: the POINT at the center of the geometry (in WKT format). It might be outside the POLYGON if the geometry as a “U” shape.

Envelope: the minimum bounding rectangle (MBR) around the geometry  (in WKT format)

GeoHash: the geohash of the POINT (null if it’s not a POINT)

CoordDimension: most of the time: “XY”, sometime: “XYZ”


To remind you, a .shp file can only contain 1 type of geometry (e.g. it cannot contains both the POLYGON and the MULTIPOLYGON geometry type) and 1 unique SRID. Using the clip1513 geometryInfo action is usefull to see if you can export your Anatella table to a .shp file: if you see several different geometry types or multiple different SRID, then the exportation will fail (this is the most common source of error when exporting to a .shp file).