How to select a good SRID/Coordinate system?

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Usually, SRID’s are linked to countries (SRID 2154 for France, SRID 31370 for Belgium, SRID 4269 for North America, etc.). So, if you are manipulating geometries from a specific country, a good starting point it to select the SRID for this country: This will be the SRID with the less distortion for your geometries.

Anatella supports reprojection into 4922 different SRID’s. To get a table with the complete list of all the supported SRID’s, execute the clip1507  readSQLite action with the following parameters:

The SQL command to run is:


select * from spatial_ref_sys_all


The database name is “:memory:” and the “Database Open mode” is “Read & Write”:

Enable the GIS extensions:


When searching internet for a correct SRID, you can also search for EPSG because the SRIDs from spatialite (used in Anatella) are compatible with EPSG.