6. Virtual Reality (VR) display

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6. Virtual Reality (VR) display


Click here to start the Stardust VR module:






When you enter VR mode, you’ll see inside your VR helmet the same 3D display as inside the Stardust window. This typically looks like:




The controls to move inside the VR space are:




To be able to “shoot” on a dot and view all the features of the “dot”, you must have the following:


Your dataset must be stored inside an SQLite file:





You must have defined a Primary key when configuring the dataset:





When you “shoot” on a “dot”, you’ll see a panel that displays all the features of the dot. Click the blue “Title Bar” to move the panel around:




You can open several panels simultaneously and click on the scroll-bar here:number1  to view all the features of the “dot”:



The VR display is very handy to discover outliers and directly see the features and characteristics of all these outliers.


Press the [Escape] button on your keyboard to exit the VR display.