5.5.4. Setup the display of the segments

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5.5.4. Setup the display of the segments


Inside Stardust, there are two different ways of computing the colours of all the points inside the 3D display: see section 5.2.14 about this subject. To summarize, these two different ways are:


1.The colours of the points are setup through the advanced 3D display “Group” manager. You can access this manager by selecting the “(Meta-)Groups” tab inside the “parameter window”: see section

2.The colour of the points represents the different segments inside the population. You can configure the colour of each segment by selecting the “Segmentation 3” tab inside the “parameter window”:




The   STARDU~1_img356  checkbox is completely equivalent to the STARDU~1_img170 button (see section 5.2.14 about the STARDU~1_img170 button).


Inside the table on the “Segment 3” tab, you can:

Click on the “Color” column to change the colour of each segment.

Change the label of each segment.

                   This label is used to describe the segments inside:

oThe “segmentation model” (see section 5.5.6.)

oThe  CSV file described inside the next section (5.5.5)