9. Conclusions

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9. Conclusions


This concludes our (very) brief introduction to TIMi Modeler.


I hope you enjoyed the ride! TIMiQuickGuide_english_v5_img93


I invite you to play a little more with TIMi Modeler to answer the following question: « Can we predict if a person will be wealthy at adult age based only on information available when he leaves school? » Open the “Config file editor”, ignore all variables except these 4 variables:


major industry code

marital stat


…, switch to “performance mode”, and then run TIMi Modeler.


We obtain the following lift:



The performance of this last model should normally be low because we only used columns that contain very “generic” information. But since the target is very easy to predict, we still get a decent lift. I can even say that we get a pretty good lift compared to the optimal lift generated previously! Does this means that our whole (financial) life is decided for us once we leave school? Is it a possible interpretation of these results? I hope not! What’s your opinion? I now leave you thinking about these serious reflections about the Life, the Universe and Everything (don’t forget: the answer is ‘42’!1).

See you!


Frank Vanden Berghen, CEO and Founder of TIMi.