7.2.4. Global locking mechanism

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7.2.4. Global locking mechanism

The option “use a global locking mechanism” is usefull when there are several data analysts working simultaneously (and collaboratively) on the same server. This option prevents two analysts to simultaneously edit the same .anatella graph file. Several analysts or processes can still run the same .anatella graph file simultaneously but the simultaneous edition is prevented/blocked.


This setting is defined at the level of the server (it’s not user-specific).

You need administrative rights to change this setting.


More details:


When this option is enabled, each time an analyst opens an .anatella graph file for edition, Anatella directly create a small “locking” file (with the same filename and the same directory as the edited “.anatella” graph file but with the extention “.lock_anatella”. The “locking” file has the “hidden” attribute).


Then, if another analyst attempts to open the same “.anatella” graph file, Anatella stops with an error message saying that the file is already currently being edited/locked by another analyst (and it also gives the name of the other analyst that is currently “locking” the file, so that you can contact him to request that he terminates his edition).


To unlock a .anatella file prematurely, just delete the “.lock_anatella” file.