5.4.8 Fuzzy Join (JavaScript action)

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5.4.8 Fuzzy Join (JavaScript action)


Icon: ANATEL~3_img283

Function: fuzzyJoin

Property window:




Short description:


Joins two tables based on text approximation.


Long Description:


Uses either Jaro Winkler, Damereau Levenstein or Dice Coefficient to establish if two keys are probably identical.


Let’s imagine we have three tables in which a key has not been defined, and we want to use names to join them.




We have:

Three tables contain different information about an employee. Unfortunately, humans sometimes input data incorrectly.

in this setting, both J-W and D-L will do a good job to recognize the Table 1 and Table 2 are similar but will miss the information of table 3.

Dice Coefficient will work in all situations.


For more information, see 5.9.1 Correct Spelling