5.3.4. Row Counter

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5.3.4. Row Counter


Icon: clip0085

Function: RowCounter

Property window:



Short description:


Show a Row Counter inside the graphical display.


Long Description:

In addition to the counter visible inside graphical display, the clip0085 RowCounter Action can produce an execution report that appears inside the Log Window. For example:


Counter "All Rows": Final State: Finished successfully.

 Number of Row processed: 73.2 M rows (Exactly 73 216 410 rows)

 Execution time: 17.4 seconds (99.914 % of Total execution time)

 Average Row Speed: 251 646 021.65 rows/minute (4 194 100.36 rows/second)

 First Run Time: 22:43:21 2013/8/23 (Started after 0.085852 % of Total execution time)

 Last Run Time: 22:43:38 2013/8/23 (Ended at 100 % of Total execution time)


You can save these reports inside a trace file (i.e. a log file) for later consultation/reviewing: see section 4.7.4 to know how to automatically generate trace files at each run.


The clip0085 RowCounter Action possesses a unique design that is very easy to “spot”. This allows you to directly find “in the blink of an eye” all the counters included inside an Anatella-Data-Transformation-Graph. Here is a very small example:




You can change easily the look&feel of the Row Counters inside the graphical display.

Here are some examples:



Here are the different meaning of the small icon on the left-side of the Row Counter:

clip0087 :Not Executed

clip0088 :Waiting for first row

ANATEL~3_img191 :Running

clip0089 :Finished successfully