5.2.20. MQTT Subscribe (IoT connector)

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5.2.20. MQTT Subscribe (IoT connector)

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Function: MQTTSubscribe
Property window:






Short description:


Allow to connect to an “IoT” broker using the MQTT protocol to receive messages.


Long Description:

Anatella now natively supports the MQTT protocol. This protocol is the dominant protocol in the IoT field (Internet Of Things). The support of MQTT means that Anatella is now capable of natively receiving, processing (and possibly returning back) MQTT messages in real time. These MQTT messages can be of all types and of all kinds: For example, they can be:

readings of temperature sensors, readings of flow sensors, etc. That’s interesting to do real-time analytics in a factory to detect leakage or near failure of equipment’s.

the log of the “VOO” Boxes (VOO is a Belgian telecom operator) that contains the latest "clicks" done on the remote control of the Box. Indeed, each of these log messages (from the “VOO” Boxes) are quite small (a few KB) but there are many of them! (i.e. each box sends a message every 15 minutes: we have thus a few hundred thousand messages each quarter hour!!): i.e. it's the ideal context for implementing a "queuing system" (i.e. a system that collects and processes messages in real time) based on MQTT.

Location sensors based on a GPS inside an android phone (i.e. a small “app” in a smart phone). For example, for Walt Disney, we could in real-time send a message when a visitor "pass by" an attraction and, at the same time:

o…the attraction has a small waiting period (no waiting line!)

o…the attraction is very likely to please the customer.

This implies a large quantity of predictive model (one for each attraction) and this implies the support of a real-time message processing system. This is now easily possible with the latest anatella version. Cool!


In Anatella, the MQTT protocol is supported by these 3 Actions:





More details: The 3 Anatella boxes above are connecting to remote servers (in technical terms: they connect to "brokers") who forward to Anatella in real-time different messages that are immediately analyzed and processed by Anatella (Anatella then carries out different analysises in "streaming" mode, in opposition to a "batch" mode).


There exists now a plethora of "brokers" (most of them are free) that are compatible with Anatella (since they support the MQTT protocol): For example, these brokers are: Mosquitto, RabbitMQ, Kafka, EMQTT, etc.


For more comfort, the small broker "mosquitto" is now included directly inside the timi distribution (This transforms TIMi as a 100% complete IoT solution directly "out-of-the-box").