5.2.19. Rosette

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5.2.19. Rosette

Icon: ANATEL~2_img381


Function: Rosette
Property window:

ANATEL~2_img383 ANATEL~2_img382


Short description:


Allow to connect to the Rosette API for advanced Text Mining capabilities.


Long Description:

The Rosette API performs different text mining tasks on text corpus:

Sentiment analysis

Part-Of-Speech analysis (POS)

Entity Extraction



The Rosette API supports many languages:

Arabic (ara)

Chinese: Simplified & Traditional (zho)

Dutch (nld)

English (eng)

French (fra)

German (deu)

Hebrew (heb)

Indonesian (ind)

Italian (ita)

Japanese (jpn)

Korean (kor)

Pashto (pus)

Persian: Dari & Farsi (fas)

Portuguese (por)

Russian (rus)

Spanish (spa)

Urdu (urd)