SuiteCRM First time setup

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Before using the SuiteCRM Actions inside Anatella, you need to get these 2 parameters:

the Client ID (Parameter P4)

the Client Secret (Parameter P5)

…from the SuiteCRM website. Here are the steps to get these 2 parameters:


1.Open your SuiteCRM website in a browser and “log-in” using your normal “Login” and “Password”:
Enter login and password. number1 Click the "Log In" button. number2




2.Open the Menu in the Top-Right corner number1 , and select the “Admin” option: number2




3. Inside the “admin” page, scroll-down to the section named “OAuth Keys” number1 and click on it: number2





4.In the left panel, click on the “New Client Credentials Client”:




5.Inside the next form, you must enter a name (you can choose any name) number1 and a “secret” number2 . The “secret” is the parameter “Client Secret” (parameter P5 from Anatella):




6.Click the SAVE button: number3


7.Your “Client ID” (Anatella parameter P4) is here: