Huawei Blob Storage First Time Setup

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Before using the Huawei Blob storage Actions inside Anatella, you need to get these 4 parameters:

Anatella Parameter P1: Region

Anatella Parameter P2: Bucket Name

Anatella Parameter P3: Access-Key

Anatella Parameter P4: Secret-Key

…from the Huwaei website.


Here are the steps to get these 4 parameters:


1.Open https://www.huaweicloud.com and click on the “Log in” button:




2.Enter your credentials and click the “Log In” button:




3.Click on the “console” link inside the header:




4.Click on the clip0834 symbol at the top of the column on the left:




5.…and select (click) “Object Storage Service” in the big menu:





6.Click on the “Create Bucket” button on the top right:




7.Fill-in all the required fields on click on the “Create Now” button on the bottom:





8.You receive the Anatella Parameter P2 (Bucket Name) number1 and P1 (Region) number2:




9.Click on the “Obtain access keys (AK and SK)” url here: number3


10.Click on the button “Create Access Key”:





11.Fill-in the next screen:




12.You receive the Anatella Parameter P3 (Access-Key) number1 and P4 (Secret-Key):




Please make sure to keep the Anatella Parameter P4 (Secret-Key) is a safe place since it cannot be retreived from the Huawei website later on.