Microsoft SQL Server OleDB Setup

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The OleDB driver for MS-SQLServer is not as optimized as the ODBC driver: it’s around 3 times to 20 times slower than the ODBC driver.


The OleDB drivers for MS-SQLServer are available for download on the Microsoft website here:


or, alternatively, here:



Win10 machines usually contain an old version of this OleDB driver which is now "deprecated" by Microsoft and replaced by a new version. You should use the new version. The differences between the new and the old version are:


OLD OleDB Driver (deprecated)

Named “MS OleDB Driver for SQLServer”:



Configuration panel:



OleDB connection string starts with:



NEW OleDB Driver


Named “MS OleDB Provider for SQLServer”:




Configuration panel:




OleDB connection string starts with:




As of February 2021, the documentation of the MS-SQLServer OleDB driver claims that it supports the option "DBPROP_IMultipleResults=TRUE". By default, the value of this connection-option is FALSE. Unfortunately, the connection to the database silently fails when you attempt to set this connection-option to TRUE using this Anatella-setting: