5.19.13. Transform Birthday to Age

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5.19.13. Transform Birthday to Age

Icon: ANATEL~4_img221  (this is a birthday cake with some candles)

Function: transformToAge

Property window:




Short description:


This transforms a birthdate to an age in year.


Long Description:

This is a deprecated action: i.e. You should rather use theANATEL~4_img223Calculator action (see section 5.5.6.) to compute the difference (in days, months or years) between two dates. More precisely, you’ll use, inside the Calculator action, the following functions:


Function Name



number of months between ET1 and ET2


number of years between ET1 and ET2


number of months between date1 and date2


number of years between date1 and date2


number of days between date1 and date2


number of seconds between date1 and date2



This transforms a birthdate to an age in year. Anatella is computing the age “as if” we were at the observation date (and not at the current date). Please refer to section 5.1.3 to know how to specify the “date formats”. See the next section (5.18.2.) to have an example of “date manipulation” with the ANATEL~4_img223Calculator action.