11.3. Appendix C: JavaScript popularity

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11.3. Appendix C: JavaScript popularity


Following the website “https://octoverse.github.com/”, the most popular programming languages are (May 2018):





JavaScript is on the 1st position, but also on the 11th position since Typescript is just a dialect of Javascript optimized to run outside a web browser.


From this Table, we can see that the JavaScript language is the most popular scripting language of all the scripting languages. “Scripting language” are languages designed so that everybody can use them: you don’t need to be an experienced programmer to use a “Scripting language”: nearly anybody can do it. “Scripting languages” are a lot easier to use than a “normal programming language” like C or C++.


Python, C++, C and R (the 4 other programming languages used inside Anatalla) have also a dominant position.


It seems that improving anyone’s JavaScript-skills is a good investment for the future because this scripting-language is extremely popular & standard and it’s “here to stay”.


The popularity of Javascript is bound to increase even more over the forecoming years because Google decided to invest a huge amount of cash to improve the speed, portability and popularity of Javascript because Javascript is the main and only programming language behind the “Google Computer” (i.e. “Chromebook”).