10.1.1. You need to update your Anatella software.

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10.1.1. You need to update your Anatella software.


You receive an error message “Cannot read file … check log window for more information.” and the log window contains: “The .anatella script 'xxx' has been created for Anatella v??? and you are using Anatella v???. Please update your Anatella software”.


The easiest solution is to update your Anatella software (as suggested).


If you are in a hurry, you can modify your .anatella file using an UTF-16 text editor (such as EMEditor, Textpad, EditPadLite, etc.) so that Anatella accepts to open it. Such manual modification might cause errors and erratic behavior inside Anatella, so try to avoid it. To remove the version-check:

1.Open the file in an UTF-16 text editor.


2.Search for “version” attribute and replace it with 2.08:

For example: Before modification:


After modification:


3.Save your .anatella file. You can now open it inside Anatella.




WARNING: If your .anatella file is encrypted you cannot use the above “trick” (because the Text Editor will damage the binary code located after the file header) (But, you can still use a Hexadecimal Editor, if you really want to).