Abstraction Layer over R/Python/JS code

Anatella is a development platform for R, JavaScript and Python in which the focus is the end-user, the business user. The idea is to avoid wasting data scientist time in writing code, unless it is absolutely necessary, and when code is written, it is for the purpose of improving existing processes, or deploying innovation across the organization.

While many other solutions offer node creation functionalities, they are typically not accessible to “non-programmers”. Anatella is the only platform build for the citizen data scientist, and the idea is to let them deploy their code, control versions, get inspired and create new solutions.

Designed for collaboration

There are three levels of script repositories:

  • Main Script Repository: TIMi developed various scripts, which are functional implementations of the most popular models (histograms, segmentation, Kohonen maps, tree predictions, regressions, etc.). There are more than 30 models already included, and each of them is an opened box which user can copy, modify, and adapt to their needs.
  • Corporate Script Repository: this is where advanced users store the scripts they share with their colleagues. Using basic Windows user management, it is easy to set read only access to those scripts. The end user doesn’t have to do anything, any execution of Anatella after an update will always have the latest version.
  • Personal script Repository: Every user is a potential expert. Everyone can play, modify, and edit without risk, and develop their own data transformation or models. And when a script is of use for a group, they simply send it to the “power users” for a corporate deployment.

Each company can become a global R&D Department, supervised by a group of experts who centralize and control the diffusion of innovation!