The sizes of the databases currently available in most major companies (banks, insurance, telco,…) is growing out of control. At the same time, we suffer from the lack of predictive datamining softwares able to extract information, knowledge and precious Business-Insight out of these enormous databases. How to analyse all these data to extract some information usable from a Business perspective? The solution is here: TIMi.

Data integration

Data integration is the process of transferring data between different storage types and locations. This typically includes extraction, cleaning, loading into target data repository and verification.

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Data warehousing

Store all the data of your company in a “centralized place” with TIMi and observe large differences when it comes to: speed, cost of ownership, quality of the interface (“user-friendliness”) and energy efficiency.

Reporting & OLAP

Display the evolution of your sales or revenue per month (or any other KPI) are critical for your company. Anatella is able to generate any kind of charts available inside the MSOffice suite.

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Anatella integrates seemingly in your existing infrastructure.

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Data quality

With Anatella, you can easily perform any data quality and data cleaning tasks.

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R and Python integration

Program, reuse, distribute. Anatella is the only platform that integrates R, Python and JavaScript for Citizen Data Scientists.

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BI integration

Anatella automatically generates and updates applications in Tableau, Qlik, Kibella and Kibana, or any database system you are using for your BI solution.

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