TIMi allows you to easily create, through a wizard-based interface,
any predictive model for any “classical application” of predictive datamining.
Find more detailed examples about each type of predictive model in the following sections.

Lead generation

Use TIMi to create “Propensity to buy” model for B2C and B2B applications. “Customer Acquisition” models, “Cross-selling” models, “Up-selling” models and “credit appetite” predictive models.

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Churn models

Detect the “churners” and prevent them from leaving, Find out the value of the ranking generated with TIMi compared to other solutions.

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Risk management

Sometime called PD models (“probability of default” models). The accuracy of this model is of high importance and can make a significant difference in terms of ROI.

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Customer-Life-Time-Value forecasting

A more advanced form of churn model. Predict the probability that a given customer moves from the “normal customer state” to the “churned customer state”.

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Next Best Activity/Offer/product

Next-best-action marketing considers the different actions that can be taken for a specific customer and decides on the ‘best’ one. These kinds of models are a special case of the classical “propensity to buy” model.

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Text Mining

Detect & correct errors in textual information and create predictive models based on unstructured data, using a radically different approach in text mining,

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