2. TIMi Modeler Installation

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2. TIMi Modeler Installation


TIMi Modeler is part of the TIMi Suite. To install the TIMi Suite on a machine, the easiest way is to download and run the automated installer available here:


For more details, you can also refer to the document “TIMi_Deployment.pdf” available here:



Along with the TIMi Suite, there are some other useful third party softwares included in the package:

IrFanView: “TIMi Modeler” generates many charts and graphics that allows you to explore your data in a colourful-user-friendly way. Most of these graphics are PNG files. The “IrFanView” software allows you to rapidly browse through thousands of PNG-graphic-files generated with TIMi. This is a nice complement to the picture viewer integrated inside Windows. Visit http://www.irfanview.com/ for more information.

EditPadLite7: Some reports generated with TIMi can be extremely large files. The “EditPadLite” software is one of the few TEXT editors that is able to open and edit 100 MB unicode text reports. This is very handy when working with dataset files containing more than 10,000 columns because, then, the TIMi-reports can become really huge (more than 80 MB size). An even better alternative to EditPadLite is EmEditor: Visit https://www.emeditor.com/ for more information about EmEditor.


By default, The TIMi Suite installation software also installs some sample datasets (“Census-Income” and other) inside your “{My_documents}\TIMi\DATASETS” folder or inside

“c:\soft\TIMi\AnatellaDemo\datasets”. Inside this tutorial, we will analyze with TIMi Modeler the dataset “Census-Income”.