7.4.1. Get your serial Number at the first execution of Anatella

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7.4.1. Get your serial Number at the first execution of Anatella


The first time that you run Anatella, it runs the “Serial Number Manager” application: You see this window:





Please follow the instructions given in the above Window to send your “Hardware-ID” (in the example here above, it’s “b7UW2VHqwB:L”) and receive in return your “Serial Number”.


If there is a firewall that is preventing you to open the required web page (that is located on the anatella.com website), you can still send your “Harware-ID” using a simple e-mail: Just click here: number1

..this will auto-fill-in an email with the required informations: For example:



An example of auto-generated e-mail to request a TIMi Serial Number.

A TIMi sales-representative will then be able create the requested serial number. Many times, the procedure is fully automated and you directly receive your serial number inside your web brower. In this case, you only need to click the button here:




…and thereafter click the button here:    





…to automatically copy/paste your Licensing Informations (i.e. your Registration Name and your Serial Number) from the webpage to the “Serial Number Manager” application.



If the procedure can’t be fully automated or if you requested your Serial Number by email, you’ll receive back an e-mail that contains your Licensing Informations (i.e. your “Registration Name” and your “Serial Number”). At this point, follow these 3 steps:


1.Re-open the “Serial Number Manager” application.

2.Discard the first window (click the “OK” button or close the window):




3.Enter your “Registration Name” and “Serial Number” as they were given in the received e‑mail:


4.Once the information is entered, click the “Ok: Save in Registry” button. You should see a small confirmation window that pops-up: