6.2.1. Example 1: Browsing HDFS

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6.2.1. Example 1: Browsing HDFS

You can browse your “hdfs:” drive using a common “file browser”. In this example, I am browsing for a .gel_anatella file to read using the AN76E5~1_img8 readGel Action.

Step 1: Click the “Browse” button inside the property window of the AN76E5~1_img8 readGel Action:




Step 2: Navigate to the Top of the directory Structure to see the “hdfs:” drive:





Step 3: Navigate down the directory Structure inside the “hdfs:” to reach the required .gel_anatella file:




Step 4: After clicking the “OK” button inside the “File Browser Window”, you get:




At that point, you can see the content of the .gel_anatella file contained on the HDFS drive “as if” this file is stored on the local drive. This means that you can move freely the slider here: number1  

to move freely in the data preview window, even on .gel_anatella files that have a size of several terabytes. When you move the slider, the data-preview-display is refreshed instantaneously (whatever the file size or the file location: “hdfs:” or “c:”): This is cool!