5.5.8. Column filter (High-Speed clip0090 action)

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5.5.8. Column filter (High-Speed clip0090 action)


Icon: clip0188

Function: SelectColumns

Property window:




Short description:


Filters out some columns of the input table.


Long Description:


Filters out some columns of the input table.


You can also use this Action to re-order the column of your table. For example, let’s say that we want to “move” the column “revenu” as the first column on the left of the Table. We will have the following Anatella-Graph:




Double-click the “Column Filter clip0188” Action to open its properties window. Click the “Select Some Columns” button: The standard “Column Chooser” window opens (see section 5.1.4. about the “Column Chooser” window). In this window, Click the clip0190 button, click on the clip0191 button in the LEFT pane, click the clip0192 button. In the RIGHT pane, click on the “revenue” column name. You should now have:




Click on the clip0193 button to “move” the “revenue” column as the first column in the list. You can re-order the columns of the output table in anyway you want, using the ANATEL~3_img494, clip0195, clip0196, ANATEL~3_img497 buttons.




About re-ordering the columns

You must be in “Keep” mode to be able to use the column re-ordering functionalities of this action.



Optionally, you can connect the second input pin of the “Column Filter clip0188 Action” to a table that contains column’s names (one name per row, only the first column is used). These column’s names will be added to the already selected columns.