5.2.31. Load Shape

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5.2.31. Load Shape

Icon: clip1002


Function: loadShape

Property window:





Short description:


Load a .shp file.


Long Description:


This action loads a .shp file and all the related files the are typically “linked” to it (i.e. the .shx file, the .dbf file and the optional .prf file). If you want to load the same data, but without the geometry column, it’s more efficient to open the .dbf file using the clip1005  readXDF action (more details on this action in the section 5.2.30).


The most important parameter is the parameter P5 that is named “SRID”. The SRID is the name of the mathematical projection/transformation that is used to project the 3D coordinates on the earth (i.e. the latitude, longitude and altitude) on a planar map (that has only 2 dimensions). The most common projection/SRID is the “4326” SRID. You’ll find more details on the SRID here.

Many Anatella actions are only working with the “4326” SRID, so the parameter P6 allows to directly re-project all your geometries so that they are correctly rendered in the “4326” SRID. For this re-projection to work properly, you must first give the correct value for the parameter P5.


If your shape files are not using the “4326” SRID, you’ll need to specify their SRID using the parameter P5. You can guess the value of the parameter P5 (i.e. you can guess the original SRID of your shape files) using this 3-step procedure:

1.Click the button P3.

2.In the toolbar of the “Spatialite Gui” tool, click the clip1006 button:



3.In the toolbar of the “Spatialite Gui” tool, click the clip1008 button:




4.Select your .SHP file inside the file explorer.

5.The guessed original SRID of your shape file is here:





Here is an example of re-projection for the map of FRANCE (click P2 to display your shape file):




Classical view of the map of FRANCE

using the SRID=2154. The X and Y axes

are distances in kilometers.

Reprojection of the map of FRANCE in

the SRID=4326. The X and Y axes are
longitude and latitude in decimal degree.