Importing simple text files

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This Action allows you to read text files such as this one:




The above text file contains 2 columns: NAME and AGE. Each column is 10 chars width. There are 2 “invisible” characters used to mark the end of each line (i.e. the “carriage return” character (\n) and the ‘”line feed” character (\r)). Thus, the “data definition string” parameter is “10,10,2” (10 chars for each column and 2 chars for the end-of-line marker). To remove from the output table the third column (that only contains the end-of-line marker “\r\n”), check the “drop last column” check box.




You can drag&drop a .sqr file from a MS-File-Explorer-Window into an Anatella-Graph-Window: This will directly create the corresponding fixed-width ReadSquare Action inside the Anatella graph.