5.27.1. CSV file writer

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5.27.1. CSV file writer


Icon: ANATEL~4_img430


Function: writeCSV


Property window:


ANATEL~4_img431 ANATEL~4_img432


ANATEL~4_img433 ANATEL~4_img434


Short description:


Writes to a Text/CSV file.


Long Description:


Please refer to section 5.1.1 to have more information on how to specify the filename of the Text/CSV file (i.e. You can use relative path and Javascript to specify your filename).


When writing to a Text/CSV file, Anatella converts the internal Unicode Character representation (UTF16) to, either:

Standard UTF-8

The default character encoding used inside your Windows OS.


Anatella must convert (i.e. “cast”) all the columns of the floating point data-type (see section 5.1.2 about data type) to the String data-type before writing them inside a Text/CSV file. The parameter that defines the notation used for converting numbers to string is the “Float to String Cast” parameter. It can either be: %g, %.16g, %5.3f, %f. Please refer to section to know more about this subject.


The Text/CSV format is simple but not 100% standardized. Here are some examples that clarifies the usage of the “Text Qualifiers” into the Text/CSV files generated with Anatella (in these examples the delimiter is the comma and the “Text Qualifier” is the double-quote):