5.27.14. TCP-IP Send table

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5.27.14. TCP-IP Send table


Icon: ANATEL~4_img686


Function: TcpIPSendTable


Property window:









Short description:


Sends a table to possibly many destinations, using    TCP/IP connection(s).


Long Description:


The ANATEL~4_img689 TcpIPReceiveTable Action and the ANATEL~4_img686 TcpIPSendTable Action are used together to form the “Map” part inside a “Map-Reduce” algorithm (i.e. it allows Anatella to make distributed computations on several PC’s).



Let’s have a look at a small example:



The above example sends half the row of the input table to the “Server_A” and the other half to the “Server_B”. The split is based on the “partition” column: i.e. All the rows where “partition” equals zero are sent to the “Server_A” (… and the others to the “Server_B”).


The ANATEL~4_img686 TcpIPSendTable Action use an asynchronous (i.e. non-blocking) I/O algorithms (See the section about asynchronous I/O algorithms). This means that Anatella is sending (and also compressing) several data-blocks (full of rows) while, simultaneously, running the rest of the data transformation. The maximum quantity of data-block kept in RAM is defined inside the parameter “Number of data-block in cache”. A large value allows to cope with sudden&brief “speed drops” of your computer network (but it also implies a higher RAM consumption).