5.27.11. Excel file Writer

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5.27.11. Excel file Writer


Icon: writeexcel2


Function: writeExcel


Property window:












Short description:


Create/Update a .xlsx Excel file using data coming from the transformation graph.


Long Description:




Warning: The Anatella option "Force MS-Excel to recompute all the cells when opening the .xlsx file” is not refreshing the cells inside the pivot tables. To refresh automatically the pivot tables, follow this procedure:

1.Click anywhere inside your pivot table

2.Open the “Analyze” panel in the big toolbar

3.In the big toolbar, click on “Pivot Table” and select (click) the sub-menu “Options”





4.Inside the “Pivot Table Options” window, open the “Data” tab

5.Check the option named “Refresh Data when opening the file”




6.Save your .xlsx file (press [CTRL]+[S]).