5.26. User-Deprecated Transformations

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5.26. User-Deprecated Transformations


Typically, the end-user of Anatella (I mean: You!) will develop many tailor-made JavaScript/R/Python actions. Most of these new Actions will evolve over time. Some of them will become extremely useful and used on a daily basis. Other Actions will become obsolete and will never be used again. Anatella offers you a complete versioning system that allows you to manage easily all your JavaScript Actions: see section 9.8. for more information at this subject.


The obsolete actions do still have some interest because they can still be used as a “starting point” when developing new JavaScript actions. You can’t thus delete these obsolete Actions because they could still be useful but you don’t want to mix them with the other “good” Actions that you are using every day. The solution is to “mark” the obsolete Actions as “deprecated”. A deprecated action won’t be mixed with the other “good” actions because they have their own panel inside the Anatella Interface, thus there is no risk of erroneously using them.



This section contains the following sub-sections:


5.26.1. Column Filter

5.26.2. Template

5.26.3. PyGoogle Analytics (Python action)

5.26.4. Create old Tableau Hyper File (.hyper) or Tableau Data Extract (.tde) file