5.22.5. Publish to Tableau Server

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5.22.5. Publish to Tableau Server


Icon: clip0494


Function: publishToTableauServer


Property window:




Short description:

Upload file(s) to a

remote Tableau Server


Long Description:

This Action also works when the tableau server is only accessible through an Internet proxy: Please consult the section for more details on this subject.

Upload some hyper, .tds, .tdsx, .tde, .twb, .twbx file(s) to a remote Tableau Server.

In a typical business intelligence project, you’ll follow the following workflow:

Using the Anatella clip0495 writeHyper Action (see section 5.25.16.), you create at high-speed a .hyper file (or a .tde file) that is stored on your local hard drive.

You copy your .hyper file (or .ttde file) from your local hard drive to a remote Tableau server so that everybody can enjoy your dashboards on “fresh & updated” data: This is done with the current Action: clip0496 Tableau Publish.