5.21.9. Reorder Files per Day

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5.21.9. Reorder Files per Day


Icon: ANATEL~4_img254


Function: reorderFilesPerDay


Property window:




Short description:


Move/Copy files from many directories to many directories.


Long Description:

This Action is typically used to gather many files located in possibly several directories and dispatch these same files to a set of destination directories. The parameters are:

Parameter P1: Operation to perform: The 2 options are: Move or Copy Files: Self-Explanatory. Moving a file from one directory to another directory inside the same disk/partition is instantaneous, whatever the size of the file.

Parameter P2: Source Directory: Self-Explanatory.

Parameter P3: Destination Directory: Self-Explanatory.

Parameter P4: Files at destination are split in subdirectories: The different options are:

oeach day is a different subdirectory

oeach month is a different subdirectory

oeach year is a different subdirectory

ono subdirectory

This is interesting when you received a large amount of files all located inside the same directory and you want to dispatch&re-order them into different directories based on their last modification date.

Parameter P5: Recurse in (source) directory: When this parameter is checked Anatella also explore all the subdirectories of the “Source Directory”, searching for files to move or copy.

Parameter P6: Filename collision management: When the parameter 5 is checked, it can happen that two different files with the same name but originally located inside different directories are copied/moved inside the same destination directory. When this happens, it’s named a “Filename Collision”. The different options are:

oAdd a prefix to filename (This prefix is based on the name of the directory where the original “source” file was located).

oNo prefix. If collision: Abort

oNo prefix. If collision: overwrite file & continue

oNo prefix. If collision: Simply continue

Parameter P7: Remove source directories if empty: Self-Explanatory.

Parameter P8: Show all operations in log window: Self-Explanatory.

Parameter P9: Dry run (for debug): When this parameter is checked Anatella does NOT move or copy any files. It just displays all the move&copy opearations, it’s about to perform. This allow you to check if Anatella will correctly performs the required operations.

Parameter P10: File Filter: Self-Explanatory: All the files that match the filter will be moved/copied.

Parameter P11: Also move the read-only files: Self-Explanatory.


Typical usages of this Action are:

Move the thousands of CDR files scattered randomly inside many directories to one organized directory structure where the destination directory names are based on the day the CDR file has been produced.

Gather all the many *.ModelXML files that are composing a Multi-Class predictive model to one unique directory, to be able to use them inside one ANATEL~4_img255 TIMiModelMerger Action automatically & easily. This functionality is used inside the “Model Factory”.