5.21.4. List Files

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5.21.4. List Files


Icon: listFiles


Function: ListFiles


Property window:




Short description:


Returns a list of files from a directory and its subdirectories.


Long Description:


The ANATEL~4_img267 ListFile action does reads a directory tree and returns file names and locations. This is often used in conjunction with the FileOpen functionalities, as input pin.
This action outputs a table with the following column:


Column Name



Full file path with file name


file name and extension only


creation date


last motification date


last access date


full path, without the file name


hidden attribute, 1/0


Read Only Attribute, 0/1


Write Protected Attribute, 0/1


Executable attribute. 1/0


Size of the file



The parameters are as follows:

File filter: set the filter based on the file name or extension. For example, *2017*.* will return all the files containing 2017 in the name. This is an easy way to open files stored with dates in the name.

Directory to list:  set the root directory to analize.

Output: set the sort criteria to return the file names:

oAll files sorted by name

oAll files sorted by time

oAll files sorted by size

oFirst file (by name, by time, or by Size)

oLast file (by name, by time or by size)

Date-time format: set the time format to return in the columns: created, Modified, and Last Accessed

Get File Size: a Boolean parameter to specify whether to return the file size in the table

Recurse in (sub)directories: Boolean parameter to specify whether to browse sub directories, or only return information from the selected root directory.

If no files are found:

oReturn an empty table: this is the default option. No error flag is generated

oAbort anatella process with a warning: an warning is generated, but process can still run.

oAbort anatella process with an error: the node turns red, and all is aborted.