5.20.2. Delete Gel Files

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5.20.2. Delete Gel Files


Icon: ANATEL~4_img257


Function: deleteGelFiles


Property window:




Short description:

Delete old .gel_anatella files.


Long Description:

When you use Anatella, you typically create many HD Caches. Over a long period of time, these HD Caches accumulate and can consume a large amount of disk space. To prevent to run “out-of-disk-space”, you should run at regular interval this Action to clean your temporary directory of all the old .gel_anatella that might still be there. More information about this subject in section 4.5.6. Please refer to section 4.7.7. to learn how to run the ANATEL~4_img257 deleteGelFile Action at regular intervals (e.g. once every week).