5.20.2. Delete Gel Files

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5.20.2. Delete Gel Files


Icon: ANATEL~4_img257


Function: deleteGelFiles


Property window:




Short description:


Delete old .gel_anatella files.


Long Description:


When you use Anatella, you typically create many HD Caches. Over a long period of time, these HD Caches accumulate and can consume a large amount of disk space. To prevent to run “out-of-disk-space”, you should run at regular interval this Action to clean your temporary directory of all the old .gel_anatella that might still be there.

Please refer to section 4.7.9. to learn how to run the clip1025 cleanTempDir Action at regular intervals (e.g. once every day). See the sections 4.5.1., 4.5.6. and 7.1. for more information about the “Temporary Directory for HD Cache files”.