Internet access through a PROXY

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The “cURL” engine (i.e. the engine used inside Anatella to do nearly all internet connections) also supports internet access through a PROXY server.


Most of the time, the PROXY server wants to authenticate you using your MS-Windows login session:  In this common situation, cURL must use you MS-Windows credentials to login into the PROXY server. To use this type of authenfication mechanism, you’ll use the following cURL optional parameters:


--proxy-ntlm --proxy-user : --proxy <proxyserver>:<port>


Another, less common, mechanism to connect to the PROXY server is to use the following cURL optional parameters:


--proxy --proxy-user <login>:<pass> --proxy <proxyserver>:<port>


You enter the “optional parameter for cURL”, here: number1




To test/debug if your parameters are correct, you can change the “Debug Display” option to the “Verbose” mode, here:number2



An easier, alternative way to test if your (PROXY-related) cURL parameters are correct is to use cURL inside a command-line prompt (i.e. press [Win]+[R] and run “cmd”): For example:




You’ll find more documentation about the different possible parameters related to PROXY servers inside cURL (e.g. "--proxy-ntlm","--proxy-user","--proxy", “--proxy-anyauth”, “--negotiate”), here:



To see the exact proxy settings that are currently used on your machine, you can type in a DOS/Shell command line:


netsh winhttp show proxy