5.19.7. ReadPDF

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5.19.7. ReadPDF


Icon: clip2006


Function: R_ReadPDF


Property window:




Short description:


Read a (list of) PDF docunents


Long Description:

The Read pdf document works in two different modes:

Files are selected manually

Files comes from the Selected column on the first input pin

To select files manually:


1.Set “Pdf File Names …” to “...are selected using the parameter below”

2.Select the files you wish to open


To select the file from a list:


1.Set “Pdf File Names …” to “...comes from the Selected column on the first input pin”

2.Connect as input the result of a (fitlered) ReadDir


In all cases, make sure the pdf documents are in text format. This node does NOT perfom OCR on image-based PDF documents.