5.10. R Visualization

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5.10. R Visualization


This section contains the following sub-sections:


5.10.1. Histogram (R action)

5.10.2. Aggregate & Histogram (R action)

5.10.3. Scatter Plot (R action)

5.10.4. Correlation Matrix (R action)

5.10.5. Correlation Matrix V2 (R action)

5.10.6. Self Organizing Maps for data visualization (R action)

5.10.7. A priori (R action)

5.10.8. Cloud of Words (R action)

5.10.9. Multi Dimensional Scaling (R action)

5.10.10. Correspondance Analysis (R action)

5.10.11. Waterfall Plot (R action)

5.10.12. Multiplot (R action)

5.10.13. Population Pyramid Plot (R action)

5.10.14. ROC Curve (R action)

5.10.15. KS Curve (R action)

5.10.16. Box Plot (R action)

5.10.17. Pie Chart (R action)

5.10.18. Plot Time Series (R action)