4.7.9. Running many Anatella graphs at regular interval

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4.7.9. Running many Anatella graphs at regular interval


To run different Anatella graphs at regular intervals, you can use any “scheduling tool” available: The most common “scheduling” or “continuous integration” tools are: Jenkins, the Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler, VisualCron, Z-Cron, TeamCity, WinScheduler, etc.


If you need a very basic & simple “scheduler”, then the simple “Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler” is just perfectly enough: You’ll find in the next section ( some explanation on how to use together Anatella and the “Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler”.


For larger scale deployment, the “Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler” shows pretty rapidly its limits and I would recommend to use “Jenkins”. You’ll find a detailed list of the many advantages of Jenkins over the simpler “Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler” in section

This section contains the following sub-sections: Using the Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler with Anatella Using Jenkins with Anatella