10.8.1. Streaming data processing using an HTTP source/sink

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10.8.1. Streaming data processing using an HTTP source/sink


This is a very simple way to create a small webservice. For example, this Anatella graph creates a webservice that “echoes” the data received through a POST Http connection:





This webservice queries a database and return the query results to the web browser:




As soon as a new TCP/IP connection is initiated, Anatella generate a new row of data (containing the received GET and/or POST parameters) and “forwards” this row through the graph. This means that you’ll get a very quick response (in a few milliseconds) because the process to handle a new connection is is very “light weight” (i.e. it’s just creating a new row and sending it it through the graph).


There are some limitations on the set of Actions that can be used inside an Anatella graph using a AN76E5~1_img294 NaïveIPServer Action as the data source: See the section 10.8.4. for more details.