10.7. How to create “Loops” inside Anatella?

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10.7. How to create “Loops” inside Anatella?


Let’s re-start from the example given in the previous section (i.e. the section 10.6).


In the example from the previous section, we only had 4 datafiles to check. When we have many files to check, we can embed the call to the (sub)Graphs inside a loop. More precisely, we’ll have:



For another example of usage of the AN76E5~1_img286 loopAnatellaGraphAdv action (to create “loops”), see the section 5.21.6.



If you prefer to code a little bit in Javascript, the following graph is equivalent to the above graph:



In the above example (with the Javascript “Loop”), the 4 “checks” (i.e. the four subGraphs) are executed in a sequential order. If we want to execute the 4 graphs simultaneously (to divide the computation time by 4), we’d rather have the following Javascript code:




You’ll find the documentation of the “ProcessRunner” Javascript Object inside the section 11.6.