10.4. Anatella is accessing the computer network. Is it normal?

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10.4. Anatella is accessing the computer network. Is it normal?


The Anatella software in-itself does not access the network.


However, some ODBC drivers (for example: the MySQL ODBC drivers) and some OleDB drivers are accessing their database through a network connection. For these reasons, you should configure your firewall to allow Anatella to access your network (or at least, to allow access to the required database).


There are also some specific Anatella Actions that are accessing the network when used (This is a normal and expected behavior): Such Actions are:  

AN76E5~1_img254 Query SMS Delivery Status, AN76E5~1_img255 Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding, AN76E5~1_img256 TCP-IP Receive table, AN76E5~1_img257  Get Email, AN76E5~1_img258 InfoOnIp,   AN76E5~1_img259 Send Email, AN76E5~1_img260 TCP-IP Send table, AN76E5~1_img261 Send SMS HTTP, AN76E5~1_img262 Send SMS SMPP, Hadoop HDFS storage.



Anatella also uses cURL to run the following actions: These actions are accessing different Cloud services using the cURL:

The clip0790 DownloadAndUpload action (see section 5.23.1), The clip0791 Multiple DownloadAndUpload action (see section 5.23.2), The clip0792 generic REST API call action (see section 5.23.3), The clip0793 VAT check action (see section 5.23.4), The clip0794 Tableau Publish action (see section 5.23.5), The clip0795 S3ListFilesInBucket action (see section 5.23.6), The clip0796 S3DownloadFile action (see section 5.23.8), The clip0797S3UploadFile action (see section 5.23.9), clip0798  Send a Message to Slack