10.2. Help! I am seeing NaN everywhere!

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10.2. Help! I am seeing NaN everywhere!


When I look at the DataTable view or inside my exported text file, I see ‘NaN’ in the columns where there should actually be numbers!


“NaN” means “Not a Number”. It usually means that you tried to compute a sum, a mean, or any mathematical expression using some columns that did not contain any number in the very first place. All Numbers in Anatella are represented in “English Notation” (standard or scientific notation are also accepted): The decimal separator is the dot (‘.’) and there are no “thousands” separators. In particular, the “French notation” for numbers is not (directly) considered by Anatella as correct numbers and will lead to “NaN” results.


Here are some examples of Correct&Wrong number formatting:






1.528,7 (usage of “French” notation)

1,528.7 (usage of a “thousand” separator)


You can use the ChangeDataType AN76E5~1_img152  Action to “correct” the numbers that are in the wrong format. More precisely, the ChangeDataType AN76E5~1_img152  Action will not only “correct” the numbers, it will also change the meta-data of the column to reflect that the column contains floating-point values.