Download TIMi analytical platform and start modeling in minutes.

Community Edition

Free download

Pro and Corporate Edition

Free 3 months trial

64 bits portable install (file1,file2,file3)

32 bits portable install (file1,file2,file3)

Wizard-based installer (file)

64 bits portable install (file1,file2,file3)

32 bits portable install (file1,file2,file3)

Wizard-based installer (file)

You don’t need administrative rights to install (and run) the portable versions. The Wizard-based installer requires administrative privileges to install TIMi.

Detailed installation instructions for the portable version:

  1. Download the 3 files from the 3 URL given here above (file1, file2, file3)
  2. Close all Anatella&TIMi windows. Also close the PDF help window.
  3. Place the 3 downloaded files inside the same directory and execute (double-click) the file “unzip_TIMi_Portable_in_C_SOFT.bat”. This will install TIMi inside the (default) directory: “C:\soft\TIMiPortable” (and it will also move the previous TIMi installation inside “C:\soft\TIMiPortable_old”, just in case)

You’ll find here more details on the TIMi installation procedure.

Differences between the 3 TIMi Editions

The differences between the different TIMi editions are (mainly and foremost) the features available in Anatella:

Anatella features

Community Edition

Pro License

Corporate License

Advanced High-Speed Data-Morphing (ETL) Engine
Users can create SubGraphs, Loops and Reusable boxes
Command-Line interface + Easy creation of parametrized data-transformation-graphs (the parameters can easily be re-defined from the command-line).
Web-based Job Scheduler, Monitoring and logging (based on Jenkins) to easily put all your work directly in production!
Optimized “batch” engine (for non-interactive execution) running on any Windows machines or on Linux machines (inside “Wine”)
R and Python Integration: Use pre-defined boxes to do ML, AI, predictive Analytics, Segmentation, Clustering, Time Series, Operation Research, etc. Also, directly create, using only your mouse, many beautiful charts in R/Python. Program in R/Python without seeing one line of code!
R and Python Integration: Create your own user-defined boxes and share them easily with other Analysts
Distributed computation: Run any data transformation on a cluster of hundreds of machines for unlimited computing power.
Read any text or CSV file (including unstructured text)
Read any XML & JSON files (including files with a multi-level structure)
Read/write any SQLITE databases
Import data from any DataBase (SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle, DB2, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) through an optimized ODBC (or OleDB) connection.
Write data in the high-speed .gel_anatella file format
Write data in the ultra high-speed .cgel_anatella columnar file format
Geocoding services through GeocodeFarm, Google or Bing
Extract information based on IP addresses (for intrusion prevention), typically from web logs
Manually Share R/Python/JS Scripts by exchanging .anatella files
Collaborative functionalities: e.g. Share R/Python/JS Scripts through a central repository
Open multiple files in one click (e.g. use the “*” character inside filenames) Limited to 10
Write data tables at ultra-high speed in Teradata (through an optimized FASTLOAD connection)
Write data tables at high speed in any Database (through an optimized ODBC connection) You must write yourself a user-defined R or Python box
Read/write Excel files natively.
Send/receive Emails through POP/IMAP/SMTP.
Read/Write SAS datasets (.sas7bdat files)
Read SPSS and STATA files
Write Reports (automated .pptx generation + automated creation of MS-Word .docx documents from user-defined templates + automated conversion from .docx to pdf)
Real-time IoT connectors (MQTT protocol to Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc.)
Real-time HTTP connectors (to create high-speed webservices)
Extract K-Nearest-Neighbors (on earth coordinates or inside any high-dimensional space)
Advanced Text Mining functionalities (proprietary). The unique text-mining capabilities of Anatella makes it one of the best tool for everything related to data cleaning!
Multithreading (run R/Python/JS code on multiple CPUs!)
Runs inside a Virtual Machine (VM) Ask us
Integration with TIMi Modeler to directly run TIMi predictive models inside Anatella Limited to R or Python predictive models
Model Factory: Create Thousands of high-quality TIMi predictive models in minutes from within Anatella! Limited to R or Python predictive models See “options” pricing table
Assignment solver: To find the cross-selling campaign(s) that delivers the optimal/maximal ROI.
BI Connectors: Read&Write Qlik files, Create .tde and .hyper files for Tableau, export datasets to Kibella. Kibella only
MergeSortInput box: To sort instantaneously terabytes of data!
JoinInput box: To (left) join several thousands of tables together! (very useful to create a large analytical dataset)
Read EDI/X12 files
TcpIp Send/Receive Table
Read/write natively files into HDFS Ask us
Read/Write natively Parquet files of unlimited size (for Hadoop integration). The Parquet files can be “streamed” directly from/to of HDFS for unlimited file size.
Telco-Pack: Graph Mining & SNA, ASN1Decoder, Antena196Decoder, BTSDecoder, JoinCDR, Infection Propagation (Mandatory for Telecoms) See “options” pricing table